Assembly District 41


Voices of the People, Voices for the People

100% working class

50% young people

86% people of color

37% African American

40% ran for local office


As Democrats for Justice, we are committed to representing the most marginalized in our society. To live up to this commitment, our slate actively sought out young people and people of color from across Assembly District 41. We also know that for our party to grow and endure for a fruitful and empowered future, we must bring in new voices with immediacy. To bolster Black Lives Matter and combat institutionalized anti-Black racism, we sought out African American activists. To respond to the existential threats of the pandemic, looming climate catastrophe and a dire economic outlook, we sought the voices of young people, climate activists and community leaders from those most directly impacted by climate injustice, economic inequity and healthcare inequality. 


As Democrats for Justice our diversity strengthens our alliance. We are committed to representing our progressive values and our community's needs through unity in action and policy. We will leave no one behind.


We are Voices of the People and Voices for the People.