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Tina Fredericks

School Board Member

I cherish what new activists including myself back in 2017 brought to the party, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Medicare for All used to be a "radical" idea. Now it's mainstream. Through working in the Democratic Party, I realized that there are a lot of people who quietly fight for ordinary people every day. Without them, we would be in a much worse place. They deserve equal respect.


This is my third term running and leading an ADEM slate. What I've seen time and time again is the same people running for ADEM. Is the Democratic Party serious about building a bench for a new generation of leaders? If so, why did we just lose the only African American woman in the Senate?


Given that COVID-19 and the George Floyd killing has revealed the fundamentally broken healthcare, economic, and criminal justice systems, I felt the urgency to build a new slate that models the values and diversity that the Democratic Party stands for. It's not enough to welcome diversity into the party, we have to actively seek it. This is exactly what I did to form the 2021 Democrats for Justice slate. I asked community members throughout the assembly district for people who were young or people of color, willing to do the work in the party. I vetted each member of the slate using a bold progressive agenda. Although we fundamentally agreed on the platform, there were some nuances of detail that we didn't agree on. That is where this slate shines. We openly disagreed, debated, and came to a consensus. We remained united. If we are serious about building a big tent party and building a bench for it, we need leadership that models mutual respect, kindness, and open communication, especially after four years of division in our country and frankly, in our own party. It's easy to label people. It's much harder to listen to differing points of view, and find common ground in order to move forward together.


Please consider all 14 exceptional candidates and our detailed 14-point platform.

I humbly ask for your vote as delegate and as EBoard representative for AD 41.



Tina Fredericks


Mother. Math Teacher. Computer Engineer

Pasadena Unified School Board member

Democrats of Pasadena Foothills, President (2018-present)

ADEM delegate (2017-present)

Claremont Lincoln University, Master in Public Administration Inaugural Advisory Councilmember