"Coming from immigrant parents, Tina understands what we need and what we can achieve, focusing on doing more for the most vulnerable kids." - Julieta Aragon, PUSD parent


"As a teacher, I have seen Tina asking teachers what they need. We are the ones in the classroom making the difference for our students.  I think she will be a good school board member because she is a person who speaks with her heart and will listen to parents, teachers, and students." - Patricia Guzman, PUSD teacher


"What struck me about Tina is she has the ability to mobilize people. I found her way of working with people very engaging and very positive. She would be good at engaging parents and bringing new families into the school district." - Todd Jones, JPL scientist and former PUSD parent


"I worked with Tina on various community causes. I am impressed with Tina's organizing skills. She manages to mobilize vast numbers of people. She stands up for what she believes in. Tina tells people how good the public schools are and how to build them up." - Ellen Finkelpearl, college professor


"Tina is someone you can trust and dedicated to the cause of education. She will get along with everyone even people who have different points of view." - Bob Judge, K-12 school nurse

"Tina has the big picture view of how we need to fix the problem of funding in public education and she's got the connections to bring people together to do something about it." - Taiji Miyagawa, community activist