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Sam Berndt

Climate Justice Leader


My name is Sam Berndt, I am 26 years old, and I am running for re-election as an Assembly District Delegate.

I am doing this because we are in a crisis. Earlier this year the Bobcat Fire burned through Angeles National Forest. I remember looking outside and not being able to see my neighbor’s house, or the mountains I love so dearly. I remember the taste of smoke and the anxiety of evacuating. In the fire’s path it burned homes, threatened historical sites, and in doing so questioned the longevity of our community. Let me be clear. The Bobcat Fire was a climate driven wildfire. There will be more wildfires and with each year they will continue to get worse. By the year 2050 it is projected that the world will have between 150-200 million climate change refugees. Our community, meaning you and I, through droughts and wildfires have already been affected.

As a member of this community, how are we to react?

One summer in college I read a book “Unstoppable,” by Bill Nye. In “Unstoppable,” Nye breaks down the science of climate change, the problems it produces, and through the lens of an engineer the solutions to solve it.

Nye inspired me to run and be elected to the Board of Directors of the MSU Student Housing Cooperative. There, I became the Sustainability Fellow and started a Green Energy Initiative with the goal of making the 17-house cooperative carbon neutral. Through organizing and fundraising efforts, we have so far reduced our electrical consumption by 17% and installed 10kW of solar panels.

After graduating with my master’s degree in computer science I moved to Pasadena to work at JPL as an augmented reality developer. Shortly thereafter I was inspired by hundreds of young people taking over Nancy Pelosi’s DC office demanding a Green New Deal. The following week I organized a protest at Judy Chu’s Pasadena Office demanding she sign onto the Green New Deal; she later did.

Following the success of other protests, I co-founded the Sunrise LA hub where I served as a hub, data, and outreach coordinator, assisting in organizing other such events, protests, and hubs.

Two years ago I was elected to serve as your Assembly District Delegate. As a delegate, I wrote and passed a resolution for a Green New Deal and assisted it in being on the California Democratic Party platform.

I humbly ask for your vote and your support in saving our species. Thank you.