The school board's lack of communication to parents and the community has caused us to lose confidence in PUSD’s leadership. We need to reestablish trust in our district’s leadership so that we can collectively work toward a positive future for PUSD.


Provide leadership, integrity, and positive vision for PUSD
The lack of communication of the district consolidation process and repeated school closures caused PUSD families to lose confidence and trust in the school district leadership. As a PUSD parent for 8 years, Tina has a track record of trust and leadership among PUSD families. Her daughters attend Willard Elementary and McKinley Middle School. She was a teaching assistant at Willard Elementary and LEARNs teacher at San Rafael Elementary School. Tina holds a California Single Subject Credential and taught math at Burbank High School and Fremont Union High School District in Northern California. In addition to being a member of Willard Annual Fund leadership team for many years, Tina has held multiple PTA Board positions, including Vice President, Treasurer, and Legislative Advocate.

Include all members of the PUSD community to build a positive future for PUSD
A primary goal of Tina’s is to bring parents, teachers, business people, community members, and public and non-profit service providers together to build a positive future for PUSD. As a community activist, Tina has experience working with local community groups on causes such as rent control, environmental justice, and fully funding public schools. As a statewide political delegate since 2017, she has the experience of supporting statewide legislation by putting pressure on our state lawmakers. Since 2018, Tina has been working on the campaign to support Schools and Communities First Act of Nov. 2020, which will bring billions of dollars to California public schools.

Improve learning conditions for students
State budget cuts on school funding has put the burden on individual schools to raise money to support classroom materials, field trips, academic programs, and hire staff.  As a two term Treasurer of Willard PTA and Annual Fund committee member, Tina has intimate knowledge of how budget cuts affect staff and programs. Tina will improve learning conditions for students by ensuring PUSD prioritizes spending on hiring staff at school sites so that teachers can be more effective. We need to hire more counselors, nurses, classified staff, and custodians.

Maintaining equity for all students
In recent years, some students have experienced school closure for the second time. That is not equitable and not acceptable. School closure causes educational, financial, and psychological instability for hundreds of students, their families, school staff, and the local community. While the district leadership spent significant time showing the *financial* benefits of school consolidation, little to no time was spent on planning for the transition and explaining its *educational* benefits. In 7th grade and 9th grade, Tina moved to different school districts and experienced the difficulty of losing a sense of belonging and how it affected her learning experience. This article makes the case for K-8 schools in order to minimize student mobility in those formative years and cites a study that shows that student mobility hurts academic performance. Tina will propose a moratorium on school closures. Taking closure off the table forces the PUSD Board and Executive Leadership Team to spend efforts on keeping students PUSD already has, improving existing programs, and prevent a financial situation that resorts to closure.

Fully utilize technology to improve PUSD communication and marketing
PUSD offers a quality education but public perception says otherwise. The PUSD website is poorly designed and poorly organized. As a software engineer and community organizer who relies heavily on digital media, Tina knows how to get the most out of the technology of today in the most cost effective way to benefit PUSD. The PUSD website may be the only resource for prospective families to learn about PUSD. That first impression is critical. How will families know this is a district of choice when they don’t know the choices? Tina will propose that the district hire a dedicated full-time marketing graphic designer to create a marketing plan which includes designing print/digital media that communicates a positive vision and consistent district-wide branding for PUSD. Tina will propose a dedicated budget for printing costs and brochures would be provided for all schools. 

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