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Phalana Tiller

Social Enterprise Director

A 10-year Claremonter, I’m the Director of Learning at a university-based social enterprise. My work equips public sector agencies, corporations, nonprofits and individuals with tools to improve their effectiveness for the benefit of society. In the past, I’ve also taught high school humanities, designed curricula for youth and adults, worked to secure voting rights and public welfare reform, and performed as an actor.

I’m a lifelong Democrat and proud member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television & Radio Artists. I volunteer as an instructor with Claremont’s Department of Human Services and am also a registered proxy for our Emergency Senior Lunch Program.

In my view, the Democratic Party should be a champion for all while being committed, above all, to improving the lives of the most vulnerable. 


My priorities include:
 - addressing the complex issues of affordable housing, specifically its impact on fixed-income seniors and working families, and the latter group’s impact on public school enrollments and budgets;

- reforming law enforcement—and especially its standards of accountability—to address racial disparities in policing and sentencing; to re-center police culture around guardianship; to become anti-racist, anti-classist, and anti-sexist; and to seek long-term structural resolution, not just situational mitigation, for crimes rooted in social issues like addiction and homelessness;

- increased public school funding, including for 21 st -century career-tech and skilled trades education to help students become both college- and workplace-ready, preparing them for opportunities in entrepreneurship or jobs that offer not only economic security and mobility, but also careers of contribution and personal dignity.


Volunteer Service 2018-2020
  Co-Chair—Christine Margiotta for Claremont City Council
  Committee—Bob Fass for CUSD School Board and a local ballot measure
  Social Media Lead—Jennifer Stark for Claremont City Council
  Field and digital volunteer—Harley Rouda, Catherine Cortez Masto and Christy Smith


I’m glad for the opportunity to be part of both the most racially and generationally diverse slate for ADEM and of a more inclusive and representative Democratic party. Please consider all 14 of us. We’d be honored to
earn your votes. Thank you!


Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/DemocratsForJustice