Assembly District 41


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Michelle Bertinelli

District Rep., City of LA 


My name is Michelle Bertinelli and it’s my first time running to serve as an Assembly District Delegate, but I’ve been advocating for justice and fairness in our local and state politics for many years now. 


I was first mobilized into political action after Donald Trump’s election in 2016, but I have lived the issues we are facing since long before then. 


As a queer Latina woman who has both dealt with housing insecurity and has worked in commercial real estate, I’ve seen both sides of the issues of housing and homelessness. I know the fear that comes with having inadequate access to healthcare, with being uncertain for my safety because of who I am, and with seeing my own human rights litigated in legislatures and courts across the country. 


I have the experience to back up these values. After the 2016 election, I joined a local council race in Pasadena, where I learned how much change can be affected at the local level. 


I dug my heels in and started volunteering on local campaigns where I eventually found my way to Senator Kevin de León’s U.S. Senate campaign. There, I learned the value of dreaming audaciously and fighting wholeheartedly. 


Since then, I’ve spent my time advocating for LA public schools, working to flip seats in the Assembly, fighting on the ground to help asylum seekers, and, most recently, organizing for the LA County Labor Fed in the November election. 


Now, I have the honor of rejoining Councilmember de León to serve district 14 and help directly combat the many issues of housing, environmental, and racial justice that our city is so desperately fighting. 


As an Assembly Delegate, my priorities will continue to be what they always have been: policies that get us closer to full housing access, universal healthcare, environmental justice,  a more equitable society, and candidates that reflect the values and diversity of our state and our region. 


I’m proud to be a Democrat who will always fight for justice, and I would be honored to earn your vote!