Assembly District 41


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Larissa Cursaro

Youth Organizer

As an avid member of Sunrise Claremont Colleges, serving my community is one of my top priorities. I have lived in Claremont since I was a toddler and am now pursuing my college education just down the street from my childhood home. Since graduating high school, I now have the means and resources to fight for the betterment of my community from organizing for environmental justice to sharing resources about the importance of grassroots organizing to my peers. After years of dissatisfaction with the disconnect between politicians and their constituents, I decided to run for office. I believe politicians should stand hand-in-hand with working people and it is what I will fight to ensure. As a lead organizer with Sunrise Claremont Colleges, I worked with many young people passionate about political change and about challenging corporations that value profits over people and their environments. We hosted campaigning events for local and presidential candidates who prioritized environmental justice, grassroots organizing, and getting the people back into politics. Now I hope to continue this fight alongside other like-minded delegates in the CA Democratic party. 


My top priorities as a CA Democratic party delegate will be supporting the Green New Deal, Medicare for all, rent control, criminal justice reform, and funding public education.


Together, let’s make tomorrow count.


I humbly ask for your vote. Thank you.