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Josue Barnes

Biomedical Researcher

My name is Josue Barnes, I’m a 28 year old biomedical research student at Weill
Cornell Medicine, and a resident of Claremont. Growing up in Claremont there were not a lot of people who looked like my family and me. We looked different — we were and are treated differently. This spring after the killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, I knew I could not stand idly by. I grew tired of the harassment, the racial profiling, and killing that was happening in our own backyards like the killing of Anthony McClain in Pasadena this August.


That’s why I started Claremont Change, a grassroots organization working to bring racial justice and protection to the most vulnerable in our community. We brought our own chair to the table.

We held demonstrations where Black residents could share their experiences. We brought that dialogue to City Council and Police Commission meetings and to community organizations across the city. As a result of this community effort, we were able to expand the Police Commission and add more diversity, adjust language to policing policies, and galvanize the progressive community. However, that work does not end at the borders of Claremont. If we want to see widespread and sustained anti-racists policies, then we must hold our elected officials accountable and find a way to further amplify our voices.
That is why I am running – to amplify the voices of my peers and so many others that look and feel the way I do. I am running for those that are frustrated and disheartened by a system that seemingly ignores their concerns and fails to address core issues across California. We must talk about racial justice and equity, affordable housing, Medicare for All, climate change, immigration reform and many other key policy areas. It is a moral imperative that we protect the most vulnerable among us.


I am prepared and motivated to represent you. That is why I am running for a Delegate position in the California Democratic Party’s 41st District. I hope to earn not only your consideration but your vote as well for myself and the 13 fellow community leaders in the Democrats for Justice slate.