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Joseph Salas

Teacher/Labor Activist

I don't believe in any form of unjustified extremism. But when a man is exercising extremism — a human being is exercising extremism — in defense of liberty for human beings it is no vice, and when one is moderate in the pursuit of justice for human beings I say he is a sinner. Malik El Shabazz 

If anything, the pandemic has exacerbated the already treacherous conditions which many of our fellow citizens live under on a daily basis. Poverty relief, the living up to our national creed for BIPOC in America, and the ending of the pandemic should be the priorities of the Democratic Party. As a delegate I will continue to advocate for a platform that includes establishing affirmative action, reparations, environmental justice, and to a one-state solution for the people of Palestine and Israel. We need to work with the California State legislature to make single-payer healthcare, college for all, broadband and a device for all and, fully funded public schools a reality for Californians.  

Nationally, we need to end family separation and unite all immigrant children with their families. A path to citizenship for all our undocumented residents is the better way forward.  We need an equal pay amendment in the U.S Constitution. We need to be a party that advocates for the rights of the transgender community.  

We need a California Democratic Party (CDP) that reflects the rich diversity of the state. A Black woman should be appointed to fill the U.S Senate seat of Vice President Harris. The CDP needs a scorecard to evaluate whether an incumbent has furthered the platform of the California Democratic Party.  

Party and labor activism: 

  • Incumbent, Delegate to the California Democratic Party 2012-20 

  • Founding member and Treasurer of the Muslim Democratic Club 

  • Associate Member of the Los Angeles County Dem Party and Democrat of the Year LACDP 2017 

  • Hosted and organized events for Kamala Harris, Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Connie Leyva, Judy Chu and Chris Holden, Tony Thurmond and Cathrine Cortez-Masto. 

  • Delegate to House of Labor, Los Angele County Federation of Labor 

  • Steward, SEIU Local 721 

  • State Council Alternate to State Council, California Teachers Association 

  • Delegate, National Education Association (NEA) 

  • Founder, Muslim Caucus, NEA 

  •  Chair, Community Involvement, San Bernardino Teachers Association 


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