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Jonathan Horton

Housing Advocate

I’ve lived in the San Gabriel Valley for 16 years, two-thirds of my entire life. Over the past decade and a half, I’ve watched the prospects of remaining here and building a family dwindle. Housing affordability has plummeted, wages have stagnated, we’ve experienced two recessions, and our public education system is starved for funding, all the while our climate has been rapidly deteriorating in the background. To put it in three words: things kinda suck. Despite the laundry list of challenges we face, I have a hopeful outlook on our future. 

For every obstacle that impedes our progress as a community, there are clear solutions that will help move us forward. To combat homelessness, we must invest in affordable housing, end land speculation, and guarantee living wages. To save our public schools, we must reevaluate our current state funding methods and demand millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share of taxes. And to fight climate change, it is beyond imperative that we fully transition to clean and renewable energies. AS. SOON. AS. POSSIBLE. 

The implementation of these changes will lead us towards a brighter future, but in order to see them come into fruition, we must first elect responsible public servants to guide these policies through our government. As an ADEM delegate, I will only vote to support local and state officials with the courage and capacity to fight for our community. I will work day in and day out to ensure that our representatives are working for us to repair the broken systems that have troubled the SGV throughout the years.

The past decade has been characterized by crisis. Recessions, housing shortages, and climate change have rocked regions around the country, and the San Gabriel Valley is no exception. But there is hope. All the tools necessary to build a better future are at our disposal. By coming together and demanding positive change, we can assure prosperity for generations to come.