Jed Leano Endorses


Vote by Wed. Jan 27, 2021

  • Michelle Bertinelli

  • Charlotte "Char" Bland

  • Tina Fredericks

  • Cindy Montoya

  • Maro Kakoussian

  • Jacque Robinson

  • Phalana Tiller

  • Josue Barnes

  • Sam Berndt

  • Larissa Cursaro

  • Jonathan Horton

  • Joseph Salas

  • Tim Wendler

  • Sashary Zaroyan

Jed Leano

Claremont City Councilmember*


"Democratic principles must be fought for at city halls and school boards across California, and these Democrats have shown a willingness to put in the work at local levels to fight for progressive values in housing, homelessness, police reform, and sustainability."      - Councilmember  Jed Leano

* for identification purposes only

Claremont City Councilmember*

Jed Leano