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Cindy Montoya

Gun Violence Prevention Activist

I am a lifelong Angeleno and a proud first-generation Mexican-American college graduate from UCLA. I’m a former professional dancer/choreographer, a single mom, and an educator for 20+ years. As an educator I have led diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, designed diverse and inclusive curricula, and have used multimedia art to break racial and cultural barriers.


I am also a gun violence survivor and passionate advocate for common sense gun laws. I have volunteered endless hours and worked with our district leaders - Congresswoman Chu, Senator Portantino, and Assemblymember Holden to help pass laws that will save lives.


In 2019 I was awarded Congresswoman Judy Chu’s Woman of the Year, representing the city of Sierra Madre for my work with gun violence prevention. As a gun violence survivor spokesperson I had the honor to join Senator Cory Booker & Mayor Garcetti as a panelist for a Los Angeles City Violence Roundtable.


I can clearly remember the heartbreaking and overwhelming emotions I experienced when I heard the news of the El Paso massacre, the deadliest anti-Latino attack in modern American history. As the daughter of working class parents from El Paso, I recommitted that day to not only honor the El Paso victims with political action but to raise my voice and bring more awareness to gun violence as a public health crisis and as a racial justice issue. I now serve as the CA Survivor Co-Lead for Moms Demand Action and was selected as a 2020 Everytown Fellow.


As we deal with our present public health crisis it’s time to unite and fight for the social issues that matter most to our struggling communities, especially black and brown communities, marginalized communities, the disabled community, and LGBTQ+ communities. Covid-19 has not only caused much strife in our communities but it has amplified the racial and economic inequities Americans have faced for years. The inequity gap has only widened and people’s basic needs are not being met. As a delegate I will work hard to address those needs, fight to uphold our progressive core values, and hold our elected officials accountable. 


Thank you in advance for your support. I respectfully and humbly ask for your vote and would be honored to represent you as a California Democratic Delegate.